5 Promotional Products People will Use Over and Over Again

5 Promotional Products People will Use Over and Over Again


If you have a business in Australia, you will want to have some great promotional products. Not only are they beneficial for branding purposes, but they can also help get your company name out there and keep your information close by. The good news for those businesses around Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney is that there are many great promotional products to choose from!


When it comes to choosing which type of promotional products will be beneficial for your company, opt for those that will have a long shelf life. The more you can keep people using them over and over, the more your company name will be in front of potential customers and current ones, helping to reinforce your position. If your promotional product is one that has a short shelf life, the people will get it, maybe use it for a day or week, and then it gets put away and never looked at again. You can do a lot better than that, getting more bang for your buck, by opting for those customised promotional products that will be used time and again. As well as being a key marketing tool to promote your business, reusable branded merchandise can be a green Eco-friendly pathway to do your bit for the environment and advertise sustainability.


Here are 5 great promotional products to consider when you want one that will be used over and over again:


  1. Bags and satchels. Take a look around any city in Australia and it is clear that people love to use bags and satchels. Most people use them for one purpose or another.  Giving people a promotional bag or satchel that has been customised with your company logo and brand is going to be a hit. They are likely to use it for a long time and everywhere they go with it others will see your logo as well.
  2. Pens. Everyone uses pens, and we tend to like to have a lot of them in our lives. We have them on our desks and in our pockets and bags. You can never go wrong with having customised company pens. They are affordable, usable, and can be quickly given out to the masses. Always keep lots of promotional pens on hand and give them away wherever possible.
  3. Drink ware. Who doesn’t love their morning coffee? What about all of those people you know who walk around drinking water all day? We all love to drink a lot during the day, and having custom drink ware makes it even better. Whether you are getting your logo put on a coffee mug, travel mug, or a water bottle, there is a good chance your promotional products will be used over and over again.
  4. Sustainable Materials. From bamboo notebooks and lanyards to wooden cards, or recycled tote bags there are numerous options to promote your brand with reusable branded merchandise with materials that are kinder to the environment.
  5. Apparel. If you are looking to increase brand awareness with products that are durable and multiple use, look no further than apparel. With custom hats and accessories you can choose various decoration methods to enhance your logo on a product that is high quality and reusable.  


Today, there are many great options when it comes to customisable promotional products. Get to know your target market so you know which ones will be ideal for them. The more you can identify who they are and the things they like, the more you can provide them with promotional products that will be used over and over again. Custom bags, satchels, drinkware, cups, and other items are things people love to receive. Opt for ones that people will use over and over and you will increase your return on investment!