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Branded Merchandise Experts

What Makes A Promotional Product Eco-Friendly?

As sustainability is a topic we are passionate about here at Signal Promo, we thought we would expand on our knowledge to do with the various materials that are deemed eco-friendly, and discuss the power of purchasing a promotional product made from any of the below sources to contribute to a greener future. 

Wood is a natural and renewable resource that can not only be recycled but lasts a long time. 

Bamboo is the fasting growing plant on the planet making it one of the worlds most renewable resources. It requires very little water to grow and can be re-harvested many times without harmful effects on the environment. 

Cork is considered eco-friendly material as the process of harvesting the material does not harm the tree.

Jute is a plant fibre that is spun into a thick course thread and woven to make a robust heavy-duty fabric. 

Rice Husk & Wheat Straw are both waste products with little value that the agricultural industry often dispose of by burning which creates air pollution. By using this waste product material to produce promotional products helps to reduces the amount of plastic and accelerates the products biodegradability. 

Introducing a sustainable focus into your brand may not always mean using materials that are labelled eco-friendly, however there are other pathways to go greener within your business. Such as reusing promotional products that replace the need for single-use items that are made from damaging materials such as plastic. 

We have an entire brochure that is full of eco-friendly branded merchandise as well as a category to enable you to view and purchase sustainable promotional products. Click here  for the brochure and here for our online category.