Branded Merchandise Experts

Branded Merchandise Experts

Today’s the day to say goodbye to Single Use Plastics

From today, single use plastics are now banned from Queensland. 
It is against the law to use plastics straws, plates, bowls and cutlery - as half of the plastic produced in the world is designed to be used only once which contributes to approximately 300 million tons of plastic waste created globally every year.

Here at Signal Promo we take sustainable changes seriously, so we have put together a guide for reusable promotional products to replace the nasty plastics.  


From stainless steel, to wheat straw and bamboo - you can sip on your fav iced beverage without harming the environment or breaking the law! 

As well as being incredibly handy, food containers can be used for school lunches, takeaway meals or picnics in the park! 

Reusable Coffee Cups
Order your dose of sweet sweet caffeine in your new favourite reusable coffee cup! Our huge range of designs, shapes, materials and sizes will ensure yours will be the perfect fit and you will be so excited to reuse over and over!

Shopping Bags
Being honest, plastic shopping bags are the absolute worst. They are not durable and have never been a good look. So look no further than our category of branded bags. From insulated grocery bags, to jute shoppers and bamboo tote bags - we have an option for you!