Branded Merchandise Experts

Branded Merchandise Experts

The A-Z Guide Of Branded Gifts

Corporate gifts? Customer gifts? Staff gifts? Gifts for your lovely neighbor? We have a promotional product for everyone's needs. 

Why would you not choose a functional gift that doesn't only look amazing, but it is a product that someone will actually use! All whilst advertising your brand wherever it may travel. 

So we have created an A-Z guide to navigate the task of purchasing promotional gifts as well as putting your mind at ease that you will make the right decision.


Audience. First things first, who are you sending these brilliant promotional gifts to? Once you can visualise your target audience, picking the perfect branded merchandise will be a piece of cake.

Boldness. Not everyone likes to be the center of attention, but in terms of corporate gifts it is a must! You want your promotional product to be the talk of the event.

Custom. By this we mean choosing branded merchandise that have multiple customization options, where you could decide the branding or printing options as well as colours and messages!

Durability. A big element of the ultimate branded gift. Not much use to anyone if the promotional product lasts no longer than a day. Look for high quality materials and decoration methods to ensure your branding stays looking amazing.

Encouraging. This may be as it is a corporate gift to staff to say thank you for a impressive years work, or to simply celebrate a milestone in employees careers. 

Functionally. Lets be honest, the thought of gifting someone anything and it be used once is not only horrible for the environment, but all the time put into thinking of the promotional product for it to be tossed aside? Heartbreaking. Pick a branded product that is something everyone can use over and over again! Tote bags, coffee cups, pens, ceramic mugs..

Genuine.  We aren't talking designer handbags here, we mean being real! Choose a promotional gift that is made from high quality materials and not cheaper replacements when saying thank you to staff or customers! 

Height.. Width.. Length. Yes we could have listed dimensions but this letter was tricky to gather inspiration for. However the importance of knowing the size of the promotional product you are eyeing up to gift is large! If you are planning on packing the gift in a box or sending via post you need to know exactly all of the above!

Inclusive. There is not much point buying branded merchandise that is only limited for use for a small minority of consumers. 

Justify leadtime. When you know when you require your amazing corporate gifts by, this enables our team to source options to adapt to you and your needs. 

Know your budget. If we all had endless budgets then picking the perfect promotional gift would be a breeze! But in order to avoid disappointment and spend time window shopping, knowing how much you want to spend on the branded product is super important. Then our amazing sales team can narrow down options for you and prepare to wow you with the choices!

Laser Engraving. A favourite for a reason! Luxury looking without the designer pricetag. Opt for laser engraving on your promotional gift to make your brand the talk of the event and know it will keep looking fantastic for years to come! Compared to some decoration methods that fade over time.

Memorable. Nothing is better than the gift of giving a promotional product that everyone remembers! Think niche gifts that really suit the receiver and can be kept for a long time to keep those awesome memories. 

Nostalgic. No one loves looking back on familiar fond memories and being reminded of that feeling by a corporate gift is brilliant!

On brand. Basically a promotional product that aligns with your brand standards, values and vision. Once this is known then you can choose colour ways and even decoration methods to really pair it with your corporate flare. 

Practical. As with all rules of gift giving, get something that is practical and is in use rather than something that gathers dust. Your brand is not put forward and it doesn’t achieve anything. 

Quantity. Depending on your needs for a corporate gift, knowing approximately how many you need to order makes the process easier for everyone! Prices can then be given as well as leadtime! 

Recycled. As we will talk about right below. Using products made from recycled materials OR being able to recycle the promotional merchandise is a great idea for event organisers or corporate companies. 

Sustainability. We understand that sustainability is not the focus of some businesses, however it is one of our core values as a brand here at Signal HQ and we do always love to recommended the more eco-friendly promotional products to expand the go greener love especially in the corporate gifting world.

Trendy. Now we aren't talking about fancy fashion week tier, we mean topical trendy products that will be the talk of the town. Think stainless steel straws that change colour due to temperature, waterproof wireless headphones or plantable seed paper! 

Unique. Perhaps a one off product that is completely custom for your order? Such as a jigsaw puzzle made of a design made by your team? Uniqueness is hard to come by these days but we want your gifts to be remembered.

Versatile. We want your branded merchandise to serve multiple purposes and be used in a variety of ways. End of story!

Wow factor. Lets be honest, a product that gets people talking that is covered in your brands logo is a great thing. So let us help you choose the promotional gifts that dreams are made of!

Xceptional. Ok we know we cheated there and it is basically the same as WOW above. But we tried ok, and maybe our most wanted category will help us all feel better? 

Your BRAND is our priority. Yes we may be well and truly out of words for this but we just want to let you know that our team is passionate about finding the perfect promotional product for your brand.

Zoom event friendly! As online events and conferences are the new normal in 2021, choosing a branded product that is suited for an online event is pretty important. Think wireless headphones or a lunch box with cutlery? 


If most of those letters are ticked off, you are right on track to have the PERFECT branded merchandise to gift. We hope that it has made the choice a little bit easier! We are here to help so feel free to contact our passionate sales team to talk