Branded Merchandise Experts

Branded Merchandise Experts

Reusable Drinkware That Is As On Trend As It Is Functional

With the cooler months approaching, staying hydrated is not always at the top of everyones mind. However, our branded reusable drinkware options will up your water intake in style and promote your brand! We understand the huge amount of choices within the drinkware category, and that it may be a challenge to pick the right promotional item for your brand, intended recipient or event; so to help you narrow down the options and quite frankly speed up the process here are five drinkware items that are the litres of the pack! 

 Wheat Straw Bottle

This product is not only super on trend with its luxe looking pastel colourways, it is made from wheat straw which is a highly sustainable material. With 420ml capacity and loop hole and carry handle, this bottle is made to be used on the go! Which will advertise your brand everywhere it travels. 


Rina Bottle

The Rina is as stylish as our branded promotional bottles come, with the UV Lacquer finishing and 304 stainless steel your logo or design will be laser engraved to a stunning finish. Rina is 500ml so you can up your water intake within a few refills and the double walled vacuum interior will ensure it will keep your water cool for up to 24 hours! Stylish & functional is Rinas middle name. 

Infuser Bottle 

Water not your thing? Look no further than our Infuser bottle which enables you to drink more h20 with the lush flavours of a tea or fruit of your choice through the stainless steel infuser. This promotional bottle will be on the wishlist for all your clients or employees, as its a household item that everyone will use! At 360ml you can keep it handy in your office or work and the secure screw on lid will ensure all the flavours will stay inside the bottle! 

Hulk Aluminum Bottle

A  customer favourite, and hey its called the Hulk bottle for a reason. Boasting at a huge 600ml the Hulk is made for people that take their hydration very seriously. It has a corporate look thanks to its matte finish and the carbiner that is on the lid of the bottle enables you to literally take the Hulk anywhere!

Leo Tumbler 

The Leo is one of the most on trend drinkware items we have at Signal Promo, with its versatility of being able to be a coffee, smoothie, water or basically any liquid through its stainless steel straw. It has been high in demand! As most cups in this style have either a small capacity or made from plastic, the Leo is an all rounder and takes the cake for a promotional product suited for everybody!