Branded Merchandise Experts

Branded Merchandise Experts

Promotional Products People Want, But Won't Buy Themselves

Without knowing it, there are numerous branded products that we use everyday that were most likely gifted as a promotional item. For example, when was the last time you purchased a bottle opener or USB drive? Exactly...

We have curated a list of promotional products that not only advertise your brand but also make life easier for everybody!

Reusable Bags
Due to the plastic bag ban across the globe, reusable bags are not only extremely handy but have huge branding space to showcase your business - as well as being eco-friendly. Its a win win. 

Coffee Cups 

Useful, desirable and something many consumers wouldn't purchase on a typical day. Any reusable drinkware can benefit your business due to its long shelf life and endless varieties of  shapes sizes and colours! 

USB Flash Drives 

Here at Signal Promo, we are constantly using our branded USB drives whilst attending meetings, conventions and even out of work activities. Small yet super effective, USB's can be used throughout almost every industry. They are not only useful, but come with a long shelf life as well as coming in various materials, storage sizes and designs. As well as being a product not everyone wants to purchase, it is an ideal promotional gift for customers, staff or attendees! 


How many branded pens do you think you have in your office drawer? Or around the house? Car maybe? Or handbag? The list goes on. A pen can travel anywhere and last years all whilst advertising your brand on the go! Promotional pens are super useful in everyone's daily life and no one wants to have to order writing instruments these days - for such a small cost friendly branded product, pens offer a big return on investment when it comes to a product people will always need!