Branded Merchandise Experts

Branded Merchandise Experts

March Is International Umbrella Month

Did you know that over 4000 years ago the first ever umbrella was made in China to provide shade from the sun. 

To celebrate the yearly celebration of the umbrella this March, we are showcasing our most loved range of branded promotional umbrellas everywhere on Signal Promo.

1)  Thunder Umbrella  : Is 59cm with 8 panels and auto-opening. The thunder is tough due to its eight rib fiberglass frame and metal tips. It is available in grey, black or navy.

2) Subway Inverted Umbrella : Has a double layered wind proof canopy, which inverts to a waterproof cone when closed. It is ideal for anyone on the go that has no time for drippy umbrellas. 

3) Metro Umbrella: Is a bestseller for a reason! Its compact nature and rubberised handle makes it the most travel friendly umbrella from our entire range. With a 2 section shaft with auto open button the Metro has all the functions that larger umbrellas do, however it fits inside a typical business satchel or handbag for those uncertain rainy days! 

With our range of branded promotional umbrellas, you can advertise your business rain, hail or shine!