Branded Merchandise Experts

Branded Merchandise Experts

Happy Earth Day 2021

One of our favourite products to date is suited for all industries! The plantable name badges. They are made from 100% recycled paper and embedded with seeds of your choice! Choose from flowers, herbs, plants and vegetables to plant after using the badge. 

Simply plant the paper to a location of your choice, combine with soil and watch it grow! All badges are supplied with a full colour logo print on both sides, to display persons names and sponsors or logos on the badges. Enabling you to use this product within your business, at a event with high volume of delegates that want to do their bit for the environment or just a team bonding event for staff or customers.

Other branded merchandise that can boost your green footprint, are our range of promotional eco friendly products, that are made from recycled materials, a reusable element or biodegradable all in which benefit the planet a small step at a time. 

Step by step, inch by inch. You can make a difference in our world. Together the smallest changes make the largest impact!